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Buy Halobol, PRICE PER PACK!


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Oral Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) Package: 5mg (50 pills)


Halobol is being used for the following with below mentioned effects

  • Lean Muscle Mass & Definition/Strength
  • Very Low Water Retention
  • Low Estrogenic Effects
  • Moderate Androgenic Effects

It was also commonly used in treating males for low androgen levels, and bleeding in the uterus and for females. Fluoxymesterone has also been shown to increase the development of male sex organs.

Fluoxymesterone later became popular for bodybuilders and those wanting to get an extra burst of strength in their physical activity. Halobol is especially popular in sports with weight restrictions, such as boxing and wrestling, as it doesn’t promote water retention or size increase, but does offer substantial strength and performance gains.

Bodybuilders have been known to favor Fluoxymesterone before a competition for the “hardening” effect that it has on the look of the muscles. Fluoxymesterone can help to burn off extra fat, creating a more refined look to the muscles, without adding unnecessary size or bulk.

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